Apr 08

Dual Boot of Debian 6.0.1 and FreeBSD 8.2

Installation Procedure:
First Install FreeBSD 8.2 .
Disc Slicing procedure.
1. Delete all slices.
2. Make slice for Debian
3. Make slice for FreeBSD
4. Delete slice 1 for Debian and leave it as unused.
5. Install FreeBSD in second Slice leaving first slice and don’t install Boot Loader. Just leave boot loader as we are going to install Grub Boot loader in Debian.

Install Debian 6.0.1
Do not Touch the FreeBSD slice that is visible during manual partitioning.
Install GRUB Boot Loader.
Reboot your system

Here you will not see FreeBSD system in Debian Grub as you  need to edit your grub boot loader.

FreeBSD with Debian GRUB

If you want to boot FreeBSD using GRUB, simply edit 


In the other section add the following line:
(change the partition according to yours)

menuentry ‘FreeBSD 8.2 ‘ {
        set root='(hd0,2)’   #in the place of 2 your partition may differ according to your partition slice.
        chainloader +1

Update the grub.cfg


FreeBSD should appear in your grub menu when you reboot next time.

Cheers !!

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