Feb 08

Grub Installation in Debian Linux 5.04+

What will you do if your grub is not installed or your grub boot loader is corrupted in Debian?

  1. Boot System with Debian CD
  2. Go to Advance option in in the first Installer boot menu.
  3. Go to Rescue mode
  4. Choose your system language
  5. Choose your country, territory or area
  6. Choose your Keymap to use
  7. Configure your Ethernet card and select DHCP auto-configuration connecting into DHCP network.
  8. Give your hostname followed by Domain name
  9. select your timezone
  10. Choose Device to use as root file system, here I installed in /dev/hda2 so I choose /dev/hda2
  11. Go to Rescue operations Reinstall Grub boot loader
  12. Give your device for boot loader installation to /dev/hda2
  13. Now your system is installing grub in your system. Finally, Reboot the system

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